Wizard of Oz Slot Machine Jackpot Hand Pay Just Playing $30 BET

Wizard of Oz Slot Machine Jackpot Hand Pay Just Playing $30 BET

where to play wizard of oz slots online

Wizard of Oz Slot Machine Play Online Here:

Wizard of Oz slots

Wizard of Oz slots online and Real Casino playing for money

The wizard of Oz slot machine is one of the classic games of truth that have appeared in Las Vegas. When it was launched, it was totally original and unique, with fantastic features, a lot of cool bonus rounds and surround sound effects.

In Las Vegas, Wizard of Oz can be found in all large casinos and most of the children also, and there are a number of versions available. The most recent favorites include the Ruby Slippers, wicked Riches and reel 3 versions.

Wizard slot Oz in Las Vegas
When this game was released for the first time, people blew away with its unique characteristics. It really took slot machine game to a whole new level with so many new and unique features, including sound effects.

Manufacturers of Wizard of Oz slots is described as a “sensory immersion gaming experience ‘.” Now, normally that kind of thing seems that pure marketing speak, but in the event that really describes the new game very well (back when it was released)

What I really liked the first time that played Wizard of Oz in Las Vegas was the Chair for games with surround sound Bose power system. The Chair also vibrates when something big happens during the game. Now, that sort of thing is common, but in its day, this was 100% new. It was also very popular, it was sometimes very difficult to get to play the game, even at casinos 3!

As you would expect, all the characters appear in the WOZ slot, including the lion, the scarecrow, in Dorothy, Glinda the good witch and, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the same wizard.

You may or may not be lucky to meet the wizard when the game is played since only seen when receiving one of the “big profits” featured when working his way to Oz bonus rounds.

The flying Monkey bonus round

What is really good in this game is the variety of different features of the premium and the fact that all of them can deliver enormous benefits.

For example, there is the advantage of the monkey of the flight, where monkeys flying across the screen and removed the symbols which become Jokers. If you are lucky, this feature can continue for some time, and if they start to create a lot of Jokers in the screen that is virtually guaranteed to get a very big victory.

Glinda the good witch experience

The Glinda (or it’s Glenda?) It appears in the gambling total. I love that when activated this bonus, because when she is about to appear you get a vibration in the special seat and you can hear a deep and low thud of speakers Bose. At the same time, reels start to spin a little bit different, creating a strange feeling. At that time, you know that it will appear and it’s so exciting!

When Glinda appears she waves her wand to the screen and one or two of the reel becomes stacked Wilds. However, if it is your day and luck is on your side, then you can rotate the whole screen in the Wilds. If that happens, you find yourself with a super big win, I think that it is about 10,000 times your bet. I’m still waiting for to allow me to pass to me 🙂

Play Wizard of Oz slots online
Until the moment, machine Wizard of Oz slot is not available for play in the United States or Canada (free or for real money). To find similar games, where you can play for free or for real money, please choose a real money casino to play.

Wizard of Oz you can play if you are living in the United Kingdom – to find a recommended place to play online, please see our list of casinos in line of the United Kingdom. The game is not available in Canada, but the new casinos now have similar games can be played (some of them are amazing) – take a look at Canadian online casinos page.

There is also another version of the wizard of Oz out, called little red shoes, which is also excellent and has lots of great features rounds to play. So, the next time you are at the casino takes a look out for it. The last time he tried to get a game in which, however, there was a queue just to sit and play!

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Other WMS games include the famous Alice in Wonderland country slots, which the Wizard games was almost as big as a success when it was launched, along with classics like Zeus and Cronos.

For something a little different, it was made by WMS, also they could try the games giant reels, including Lil red and also Spartacus, the game based on Gladiators – these games are very cool, with its unique game.


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