35 Replies to “Why You Will Never Find The Bitcoin Trader Dragons Den Episode!”

  1. If you want to waste scammers time give this US phone number 253-277-6172 that will be answered by a robot that is designed to waste their time. I will post the best recordings on YouTube. Let me know if you've done this please as when I try it always detects my country as the UK.

  2. BTJames…wish to invest I bitcoin,from your experience where is the best to start and how much £ should I invest.
    If you could kindly send any links as well for absolutely new beginners. Thank You

  3. I got caught with their first scam " bitcoin revolution" but having paid by credit card was my saving grace. I managed to block this payment via my cc company who took all the scammers details. I received my money after a statutory wait of thirty days
    The scammers also tried to harass me with ever changing phone numbers which were immediately blocked and they soon stopped calling me.
    These guys are aggressive, persistent, and persuasive!
    Beware! Always check the company name with the FCA site Scam Smart!
    Stay safe!

  4. Wow. Thanks for posting this. I was within minutes of ‘investing’ with one of these, and just did one more web search, to look for further info…. and happened on your video, thank goodness!!!

    I already use Coinbase.com to buy and sell Bitcoin and others. So do you think that the “good old fashioned” way of trading (looking at the numbers you mention in the video, for example, and trying to ‘sense signals’) is still the way to go?

    Thank you. Such a helpful and jargon-lite vid! I’ve subbed!

  5. I've researched the dragons den thing. Can't find anything legit. Or a single bbc video. Funny thing is I've been told to my face by people who claim to have genuinely seen the episode! Strange

  6. Just seen an advert pop up on msn news saying Dragons den invest in Bitcoin code. After 5 minutes of research I came here. Please people don't let these thieving scummers nick your money.

  7. Bitcoin revolution, I don't know why but I was stupid; it's late and I was not thinking. However it took me through to a website called GMOtrading after I entered details and that is where my money is held now (I am now trying to withdrawal from GMOtrading). Is that a legitimate company? Also I don't understand how the bitcoin revolution website took me through to GMOtrading; surely they are linked.

  8. Saved by grace. I saw the false news and did sign up then a dude called after an email confirmation arrived. It didn't feel right in my gut so I put the phone down. Now I know!

  9. Slight addition to this vid. Most major credit card companies have now banned the purchase of bitcoin associated products or investments. and it's rumoured that other banks may be looking at other preventative measures.
    Good informative video though.
    I totally endorse people dig deeper and do some homework first. Don't take anybody's word for it as gospel no matter how convincing and genuine it looks. You worked damned hard for your money, don't make it easy for someone else to spend it.

  10. Hi James, loved the video.. im VERY new to this and interested as have traded Stocks/Shares before and believe this to be a similar "commodity" but my question is "what s/ware are you using for your graphs/vandlestick charts? with the different moving averages etc?"…. TIA..

  11. while writing the earlier comment, I received a call from bitcoin trader (IT trader) and they were trying to convince me to start trading online when I made them aware of their fraudulent claim she started tumbling and try to convince to so once again thank you, why can we not report these companies?

  12. thank you for making this video I was about to open and account on bit trader and after watching your video I did not invest. once again thank you for making us aware of the fraudulent company , keep up the good work, may GOD reward you for your hard work and effort, once again thank you

  13. Have you heard of BrightTrade who were linked to the Dragons Den scam? They asked for a deposit of £250 followed by phone calls. They have a website and appear to be legitimate…

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