19 Replies to “Two Words Every Bitcoin Trader Needs To Learn Right Now”

  1. Well guys they cant fucking make real prices without buying or selling all the time in the real market. Everyone who would buy such a copy of bitcoin doesnt even have the right to own it and their prices wouldnt effect the real market. I mean why should someone listen to there made prices if u could see the real prices at exchanges for example?

  2. So once the banksters and the rest of the crooks get their hands on crypto they don't care what the price is they just want to make a buck off it they don't care how hey clone it destroy it

  3. so basically risky and fraudulent trading of bitcoin by institutions that don't have them to begin with. I'm not sure why this will affect Bitcoin rather than the institution since the volume of actual cryptocurrency they hold will be low.

  4. Rehypothication and commingling jea my question how is this even legal? They basically creating something that dosent exist it's all a "fugazi"….its the same thing when they are selling 100% more gold on stock exchanges that actually exists nad has been mined….its insanity if you ask me.

  5. Bitcoin was created to escape the world banking System… but they will still exist for many years.However I don't think we should care about what these bastards are doing in the sense that they don't wanr our market to grow, but only to profit out of it. We are the future, not the banks. We own the labor and the money, not the banks.

  6. Outstanding video! So much wisdom at such a young age (no sarcasm, lol)! Bitcoin "investors" who think ETF=Lambo need help! We need to help them learn how to buy THEIR OWN Bitcoin and keep their BTC in their wallet. The banks, the governments and the Wall St type have a monopoly on money but not on knowledge. For those who want to donate, there are easier ways. No need to even go to Citigroup!

  7. Wow, your TA/FA is very worthy of thoughtful consideration.
    Bull$ & Bear$, Shark$ & Whale$, Long$ & Short$, oh My! Algo'$/Bot'$/AI/API'$/ICE'$ Bakkt/ETF'$/M$/G$/Mrkt manip, etc ad nauseam…
    I don't care, a few considerations:
    1) BTC is a market, period. Therefore, something is out there waiting to eat ur lunch or 4u to make ~1K+ lunches for ur friends.
    2) BTC represents a new & unique form of economic freedom that transcends many boundaries.
    3) Fiat currencies are failing all around, do ur own homework & BTC is the hedge, the fortress, the store of value.
    4) Adoption & implementations r occurring all around, and much of it behind our backs.
    5) OTC, does any1 have a clue what's goin on? & how or why? My guess is as good as yours.
    As always, do ur own TA/FA, move in/out carefully, set ur stop losses to protect ur a$$et$, don't panic, b brave, HODL the line &
    U shall b rewarded.
    Kind regards to all…

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