Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Winning Roulette Strategy! (Huge WIN!)

Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Winning Roulette Strategy! (Huge WIN!)

Awesome Online Casinos Tips: Winning Roulette Strategy! (Huge WIN!)

A true winner of a system! Watch how we won $6,000 at online roulette in 20 min.
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One of the smartest and more conservative methods for betting on Red, Black, High, Low, Even, Odd. Is this the way to beat roulette? Maybe. Will you win big? Only if you bet big. Is this a martingale type of progression? Yes, but much more safe and wise. Invented and thorougly tested by legendary roulette player Harryj, to produce great results. This is how to win roulette and online roulette.

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Gamble legally and responsibly.
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39 Replies to “Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Winning Roulette Strategy! (Huge WIN!)”

  1. Problem with Play money on an online game, they purposely make you win so you will think you mastered the game and when you start playing with real money you are not so lucky. And looking at where he shoots his video (a room in his house) he doesn't seem to be well off financially. Believe me if there is a loophole in the game, casino's would quickly change the rules.

  2. Nonsense. The required bankroll is 110 units, he’s playing with a minimum bet of $500 which would require a $55,000 bankroll. The bankroll on his play money screen is only $5k. This was all pure luck, he never had a serious draw down

  3. I have 2nd strategy that winnings chances quite high but must set a target & stop immediately. Remember when U win big always share a certain with somebody like donations or charity. Why ? Because we have limited Luck on us & relies other peoples Luck. Now playing the Roulette game U must have patience to wait & see the no’s of rounds before U start putting the $. There are 4 hot no’s U focus on & start with $5 on each no after 20 rounds. Then double the amount after each 5 rounds, the hot no’s usually appears within 10 rounds. U can reduce 4 hot no’s to 2 or even 1. In the Roulette game strategy, discipline, patience, calm & the amounts capital U have. U must leave the Casino once U reaches the target otherwise U will never win. Another very important thing must follow, enter the Casino through the side door ( Green Dragon ) avoid the main entrance ( White Tiger ). I’m giving this strategy to U so could help those peoples who’re needy & poor in lives.

  4. Roulette is a game of chance and the best thing the casino ever invented was the number board. This board shows the numbers that have hit making you think there is a pattern or a lucky number. Well there is no true system to beat this game. Yes there is a way to reduce odds. I have actually been kicked off the table because I kept wining on the numbers. The best way i found to hit numbers more often is watch the way the dealer spins the ball. They have the same pattern on the way they spin because they do this the same everyday 8 hours a day. The wheel does not slow down that much and they rarely change ball size or have to re spin the wheel. So memorize the wheel and where every number is on the wheel. Pick 5 numbers right next to each other and bet them. Watch the dealer spin and you can kind of predict where the ball will fall after a few spins. For example I play 23,35,14,2,0 are 5 numbers right next to each other. The chances of hitting a group of numbers like this is better in your favor than say placing random chips or spiting 2 numbers say the 17-20 which pays 17-1. and the numbers are opposite to each other on the wheel. even if you split a group of numbers 4 ways they are still not even close together. This is why the wheel and board are set up this way. So next time your at the casino watch others play and watch how the dealer spins. Pretend you placed 5 numbers next to each other on the wheel somewhere and then watch the next spin and the next and you can kind of predict the area of where the ball will land. Again this does not always work as this is a completely random game where there is no pattern to where the ball will drop. No pattern to if it will be red or black. The board is a way to get you to think that and take your money because it is just superstition that if the ball landed on black 5 times it has to hit red soon. Not true the odds are the exact same that it will hit black again.

  5. Thks for the video
    A player losing in Bacarrat to a winner w your video
    No, i dont have such funds, and i am betting on a live coupier and a live wheel
    Be contented, and you always walk away a winner

  6. You guys are just stupid.
    Basically what you believe is that if I secretly toss a coin in my home until i get 10 heads in a row, I have then made it very likely the next toss will be a tail. If I then meet you and bet on tails I have an unfair advantage. That is ridiculous.
    It would lead to the situation where before tossing a coin to decide something you would need to check what the recent tosses had been.

    Roulette is 1/37 to win, and a pay rate of 35:1. Everything else is just spin.

  7. see an experience-theory of a man, who never saw croupier, in sleep regime, spinning the same, some red numbers combination. after what, the next croupier,spins his jumping story. on 1st12 mainly.. professional croupier knows 70-80% what number will fallen, follow him.

  8. This is hilarious. Each time the ball is back in the dealer hand every spot has an equal chance of hitting no matter what the last result was unless the wheel is messed up.

  9. This strategy needs huge capital, U can win big but also lose huge & not suitable for the majority gamblers. I have tested the strategy on those cold numbers & hot numbers especially Zero. When the Zero becomes a cold number & continues for another 20 spins then start betting at $50 for 3 spins & double to $100 for 5 or more spins. I had made a profit more than $3k in less than 10 min in 2 days. Total amount I made more than $15k in less 5 days but the casino found out the strategy & they change the pattern. So now l’m using another strategy to win the Roulette game betting on smaller amount.

  10. There is no long term winning strategy. When the casino notices the strategy you're using, they switch it up. Besides that, i think roulette wheels can be rigged in many different ways including by computer.

  11. Great info. I can honestly say that the dealer is able to place the ball in areas, not a specific number. Tip well and they tend to shoot for your area. This is why I don't play numbers anymore. Thanks for posting this video.

  12. Then there is the whole issue of: "Money is Power"… or: "Money can buy me Love"… or: "Money is Freedom"… and so on… That all might be true, but the slot machines and casinos use these to lull you into their claws… Be aware, live aware…

  13. Okay, here one of my deeper motivational processes: in my imagination, I go to a real casino with a beautiful woman and I (or we) play roulette. Because I am so smart, we win big and she will love me. So the pitfall is: wanting to show off… Of course, this never happens or at least is very unlikely… But nevertheless, I try to find a way to win at roulette. Wasting my precious life and time with something impossible… Roulette and casinos are traps or boobytraps… Dream on Pfjom Bygh…

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