Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Why Tipping Should Be Banned – Adam Ruins Everything

Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Why Tipping Should Be Banned – Adam Ruins Everything

Awesome Online Casinos Tips: Why Tipping Should Be Banned – Adam Ruins Everything


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You have to tip. But Adam is here to tell you why you shouldn’t have to.
For more information on the truth about tipping, read:

•Surowiecki, James. “Check Please” The New Yorker, September 5, 2005

•Lynn, M. (2000). The relationship between tipping and service quality. The Social Science Journal, 37, 131-135.

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26 Replies to “Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Why Tipping Should Be Banned – Adam Ruins Everything”

  1. From American people I know. They prefer the steady pay per hour. As someone who occasionally waitresses, Americans tend not to tip due to the novelty. (We have a few.) But we tend to share with the kitchen.

  2. The anti-tip crowd are generally cheap people who don't understand the service industry in the least. I bended tar for 15 years at various establishments. I made excellent money. Fifty bucks an hour was typical. On good nights I'd pull upwards of a hundred. If clueless, cheapskates like Adam had their way, they would've helped me into a life on the streets. I never could've made it on what they think is a fair wage.

  3. As a server making $2.83/hour I depend on tips. I knew this when taking the job but people also know it’s custom to tip at a full service restaurant. Go get fast food if you don’t want to tip!
    We keep our prices low because the company doesn’t have to pay us $20/hour! Win win in my opinion?

  4. i don't tip. i once went to a restaurant in vegas and paid in cash and the waiter assumed keeping the change. it took me 5min to get a hold of the guy to get him to pay me the change back. and another 10min to get the money back. people want free handouts everywhere.

  5. As a hard working server, I personally love tipping. It’s a system that rewards handwork with money. Where as everywhere else, you’ll be making as much or even less than the co-workers despite your work performance.

    Although your service may not effect your tip much, if your able to turn tables and handle a larger section, you’ll be able to go home with way more than others. Tipping encourages hard work and a fair wage based on work done.

  6. First of all…the reason you tip is because you are only paying for your meal. If you expect someone to run up and down for you and you probably being full of shit (making your servers job even harder). If you do not want to tip…get your own food and drink from the kitchen/ bar and never look down on a server or expect them too help you. Your server gets paid (by the company) too carry your food and drinks…if you expect them to do anything more for you then the least you can do is give them something extra, its only fair and unless you have ever worked under a lot of pressure in restaurants I do not expect you to understand this. I do however expect everyone to work in a restaurant and only then decide what they think is fair. Tipping is fair. Your server also deals with a lot of rude and inconsiderate customers /managers/ suppliers/ staff on a daily basis and still has too keep their cool…working in a restaurant as a server (or most other jobs there) can make you feel very good and bad and anyone who wants to comment how its their jobs to stay friendly has never dealt with the amount of people (any and all kinds of people) on a daily basis and it can be tough because not everyone will get along and keeping your cool while someone might waste your time can be tough. Point is it is up too your server (how friendly they are and how good they try to be at their job) on how much your should tip, but if you treat your server like garbage and they work their arse off for you and you do not tip how would that make you feel. Tipping is fair.

  7. I'm French and I used to work as a waiter in France and Chile.
    Chile is much like USA when it comes to tipping but over there it is 10% and the amount is suggested on the bill.
    I agree with him, the tipping system is just a cancer. In France we don't really care if you tips or not because tips represent about 5 to 15% of the incomes of a waiter. In Chile it is the opposite, you get the minimum wage from you boss which is about $300 a month and then about 70% of the money you make in a month come from the tips.
    It's a shitty system, the one who get screwed is the customer because he just get taxed to pay my wage somehow meanwhile the owner of the restaurant pay you a misery and it's legal…
    In France a waiter usually earn between 1300 and 1700€ a month working 40 hours a week depending on the season and the place. You can add a 100 to 200€ tips to that salary. This is how it should be, restaurant owner makes thousands of euros each months in here, THEY should pay for your wage not the customer. Plus when a meal get to the table 40 minutes after the order because it's Sunday, the place is crowded and the cook cannot produce fast enough to satisfy the demand what do you think happens when it's time to pay the bill? The customer won't tips but yet he is not penalizing the right person because the one who screwed you in the first place is the owner of the restaurant who's just overselling…

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