Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Question Period: MPs debate Trans Mountain Pipeline plans — June 19, 2019

Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Question Period: MPs debate Trans Mountain Pipeline plans — June 19, 2019

Awesome Online Casinos Tips: Question Period: MPs debate Trans Mountain Pipeline plans — June 19, 2019

Today in Question Period the government faced questions on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, after it announced it has greenlight the project on Tuesday. The Conservatives questioned the government’s commitment to following through with building of the pipeline, while the NDP questioned whether the government has done proper consultation of Indigenous people and had considered the environmental impacts of the project.

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37 Replies to “Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Question Period: MPs debate Trans Mountain Pipeline plans — June 19, 2019”

  1. Conflict of interests was also done when Free Trade was originally negotiated, initialized by a Canadian business owner said only a US citizen. (CARBONE tax and pipe lines, side by side, makes no sense, plus, who takes pipe lines down when oil is no longer fashionable.)

  2. A Price On Pollution was nothing more than a tax, a money grab, which does nothing to address pollution whatsoever. It drives the cost of living up for every single person regardless of age in Canada.

  3. Trudeau. You Haven't lifted anyone out of Poverty. You have crippled the middle class and low-income earners. It's time you stopped lying and started trying to be honest. We are sick of the BS.

  4. The kind of behavior those MPs are showing is such a disgrace to our democracy. This is not a gang fight, you are supposed to represent us all with dignity. Please behave!

  5. Veterans ask for too much? You, Justin Trudeau, told a man who fought for his country, for your rights and your kids rights and you told him I have no money for you. Yet you gave 10.5 million dollars to a man who fought against democracy and what is keeping your family safe. Justin Trudeau, you sir make me sick. And I know you got passed in life because off money so I will explain to you now how money works. Canada builds a pipeline and we sell our oil to the USA because they offer a fair deal. But when u sell our oil for nothing there is no money.

  6. Andrew Sheer's ideas sounds great in theory but what about Quebec not cooperating……. Conservatives are not known for having good relations with the French.

  7. The conservatives have a plan for the environmental and today at 5 sheer will lead us back to a great Canada. I find it funny how Trudeau says the conservatives didn’t do their job. Obviously we did because we got voted back in multiple times and Justin u won’t get put back in come October

  8. May Canadians please see the inventory of the purchase of the pipeline, for example tools, equipment nuts and bolts and other materials that should already be paid for, and where are these items being warehoused.?

  9. Climate change is a boogey man in the basement . Trudeau told his kids they had to pay him a tax on their allowance to get rid of the boogey man . Think about it fellow Canadians is there a boogey man in the basement or a boogey man collecting the tax

  10. mr PM you haven't lifted any kids out of poverty with your raising of the family allowance because you have taxed that back to government by way of your carbon tax and increases to everything those parents buy and the way you can check this is not one of the foodbanks in canada has closed so RESIGN MR PM YOU ARE THE WORST PM CANADIANS HAVE HAD

  11. Silver spoon boy is going to be responsible for wiping out the entire liberal party. LMAO in like a storm out like a storm and we have to clean up the mess. Harper, Harper, Harper waaaaaaa

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