Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Mobile Game Companies: YouTube's Worst Sponsors

Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Mobile Game Companies: YouTube's Worst Sponsors

Awesome Online Casinos Tips: Mobile Game Companies: YouTube's Worst Sponsors

Mobile game sponsorships are the absolute worst.
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Mobile game companies suck.

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48 Replies to “Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Mobile Game Companies: YouTube's Worst Sponsors”

  1. "An emotional and engaging story about how poker changed your life" leaves the door open to say "We never had much money growing up because my dad kept throwing his paycheck away trying to win at hold 'em"

  2. I honestly cannot STAND gambling games. Especially mobile games.

    My dad’s best friend, and a really close family friend, committed suicide after he lost all his money on his gambling addiction. He was a father. Now, whenever I see any kind of gambling app or game advertised, I cringe. I know how much that shit ruins peoples lives.

  3. OMG these companies are totally divorced from their audience. They should give creators free reign, you're paying them to reach a demographic with which they're already successful. Why not just trust the creator to make the ad in a way the audience will find endearing??
    Edit: incense Zen has a new customer

  4. I used to kinda be with the crowd that memed on people promoting things like raid shadow legends, but when I saw a relatively small youtuber post about an opening offer from them for freaking 7,000 dollars for a promotion, I kinda feel like I cant fault em as much.

  5. Pretty sure incensezen being so "cool" has to do with the fact that their entire product is made to cover up weed smell.

    "Fuck incensezen"
    "Yeah bro, cool. That was like… man. You wanna hit this?"

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