Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Live Day Trading: Making $1,400 Online in 5 Minutes

Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Live Day Trading: Making $1,400 Online in 5 Minutes

Awesome Online Casinos Tips: Live Day Trading: Making $1,400 Online in 5 Minutes

Live Day Trading: Making $1,400 Online in 5 Minutes

While these day trading set-ups and opportunities are not available every single day, when they are you need to be ready with your strategy in place. Thanks to some solid volatile action on RKDA, I was able to pull out some quick profits from the market. $RKDA $AAPL $SPY $FB $NFLX #bitcoin #ripple #litecoin #ethereum

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46 Replies to “Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Live Day Trading: Making $1,400 Online in 5 Minutes”

  1. The strategy is simple. Average down against the impulse direction, bigger position size every average down. risk/reward is inversely proportional to win rate. Let's say he risks 10k to get 2k, he would win a lot more often since it takes a smaller move to reach his profit target price than his stop loss.

  2. Clay clay clay, is to risky what you doing, no risk management, jus selll, sell, sell high, sell more high, sell a little more, them sell more, eventually is going down some day, mhhh Clay.
    Answer here, do not post any link to you course, and verificated statement please.

  3. Clay Trader, thanks for sharing the video. I almost have seen all of your videos. I don’t see any resistance or support areas drawn on your chart. How did you determine your entries on this trade $RKDA? I see you also going long on some of your trades while the trade is bearish. Would be appreciative if you could explain or make video

  4. Come on guys, you really think you can make $1400 on a $3300 position?
    And do you know what a stock broker is for that matter? Have a look at Million dollar traders to see what real day trading looks like, not some fake animation where the numbers don't even add up. 300 shares at 20 dollars a stock is thousands of dollars, oh and that's multiple orders, yet his "position" never gets higher than $3k… then magically the position is transferred to the green 'profit'. Oh and the stock only moved like a dollar lol, again watch million dollar traders not this bullahit

  5. I dont understand you way of trading you should do a video to explain it I cant even imagine why people join your service I think its only because you made good title in your video people are so stupid to fall for that shit

  6. so the idea is no matter how strong the rocket is, it would need to take a break. By repeatedly shorting at estimated local high, and taking small profit, he moved the break-even point with the upping trend, and wait for the first big pull back to harvest profit.

  7. Tbh any decent successful trader IE: making 20-50k monthly wouldn’t waste there time and effort posting on sites like this they just would not do that.
    But each to there own if he makes money good luck to him.

  8. Hello man great content! i know many persons should have asked this a milion times before, but to have a screen exactly like your's that you show to us? whats the program or the programs? thanks! 😀 keep up the good job

  9. Sorry to say ,I dont not like your trading style. If you buy /sell along the trend you can earn LOT more . You always play against the trend . Sometimes you take risk of 1000$+ and close trade with a reward of 100$ . Anyhow this was just my suggestion!!

  10. If u don't understand then go find some books on trading strategy's. What he's doing is a strategy that has been around for many many years. Yes you can buy his course, yes he will put the strategy's he's using directly in front of your face, or you could read some books and find those strategy's for little to no cost.

  11. I'm curious, with this strategy, what happens if suddenly there aren't any shares to short, or is that something you look into beforehand? (shortable shares available)

  12. Hey clay im brand new to trading , i have three questions.
    1. When do you buy and sell stocks ? 2 . Do you buy small stocks when you’re brand new ?
    3. How do you what stocks to buy and which stocks are going to make you a really good profit?

  13. I really want to see once you lose 10k. You suck at risk management man. i dont care what you say with insurance company. They are two separate businesses. When you post your brokerage statement (audited) then you can start teaching

  14. This is crazy trading. He's okay with big losses because he's making all that back with profits from his trading course. The average person would not able to trade like this. For sure not someone new to trading.

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