Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Can Card Counting Beat a Continuous Shuffle Machine?

Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Can Card Counting Beat a Continuous Shuffle Machine?

Awesome Online Casinos Tips: Can Card Counting Beat a Continuous Shuffle Machine?

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Some blackjack tables have machines that continually shuffle the cards together. Mathematician Stephen How wrote an article stating that you can count cards at a Continuous Shuffle Machine, so I dig into the math and explain what to expect when counting cards at a CSM game.


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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for the great content things have been rough. I took 100 bucks in 10 dollar chips here in Kansas city where card counters are protected by law. Did very well made mistakes but did good ate, tipped well, spent 80 on roulette and still left with 900 in cash. They were a bit rude at the end but most importantly I learned I'm not ready. I wanna be great you guys give me true hope. My life can be better than been.

  2. If you have a large income, you may be safe for now, but even in that case the machines are bad for counters. They can free up more pit bosses to watch the high limit shoe games. In my casino they could care less if a superstitious player doesn't want to use their player's card on the crm machine, but you must use it on the shoe games. And low limit (under 100 dollar) players are forced to use them, there simply aren't shoe games for $25 or even $50 players. I suspect that maybe on a very slow night you could convince them to open up a $50 minimum shoe game, but again you'd definitely be watched. Someone with a large bankroll and the freedom to travel probably can still cardcount, but who knows how long it will last? Millennials with low or average incomes will only come into the casinos knowing that it's dealt by machine, so they will never think to ask for a shoe game if that is even a possibility. If the casinos insist on bad rules as well with the machines, we might even see blackjack mostly disappear in 10 or 20 years. Blackjack is such a fast game, that the average gambler who doesn't even know basic strategy will lose less on roulette or three card poker, since these games move much more slowly.

  3. Hey Collin , in the city i live which Is Bogotá – Colombia, i have been playing over this machines all the Time, AND muy conclusión Is that Is a total ruin for the players, those machines literally make the casino win all the Time… In the city i live there are only 5 casinos each one with a vip Blackjack shoe table, one of those Is with 6 deck but the cut card Is placed in the middle… The other casino has 8 decks shoe AND there Is the only place that the cut card Is being placed 1deck AND a half of penetración. Which Is better to invest?

  4. I donated $1500 to one of those stupid machines before. The way the cards were coming out it's like they're made to make you bust. The only time I made some money back is when I played backwards staying on everything, and dealer started busting haha

  5. im just wondering at my casino i noticed its all CSM only. is it normal that CSM games where i play dont have dealer 2nd card face down on the table. they get the dealers 2nd card after everybody else played there hands

  6. unfortunately most casinos in australia use CSMs. there also aren’t very many casinos. i’m a gambler anyway so I will try my luck but only really go off the count if there is a dealer who lets the discards pile up. some dealers clear the discards every 1-2 rounds making counting impossible. but what if we sit out rounds when the count is low or negative and only bet 1 set amount when the count is good? if i use a large bet spread i’m definitely getting backed off. so little casinos here, they’re all big and fancy and would catch on quick

  7. just got home from some blackjack. memorised basic strategy just before i left. i’m in australia with 1 casino in my city and 1 an hour drive, most casinos in australia use CSMs.

    went with the intent to just practice basic strategy (im a gambler) but the first 2 dealers dealt quite slow.

    first dealer dealt at least 4 or 5 rounds and let the discard get to around 35 or 40 cards. second dealer was putting the discards in the machine after every round so no point counting but i did for practice. i asked him and he said they are not supposed to let the discard get over 40 cards high. he said if he was dealing to only 1 player he would go a few rounds.

    3rd dealer was really fast so couldn’t keep up but he “shuffled” after every second round anyway. he also said he would go more rounds if it was 1 player.

    everyone left at the next dealer change so i asked her how many rounds would she deal before shuffling, she reckoned she would go at least a deck. so i kept going but liar bitch dealt 3 at the most. luckily i won on a double and left up.

    oh and the 2nd dealer said some funny bullshit, he reckoned the reason they don’t let the discard sleep stack up is so that people don’t steal the cards! HAAA!!! i’m not dumb buddy.

    also i was sitting out a lot of rounds and only jumping in when i felt like it, like if the dealer got 21 twice in a row. only once with the first dealer when i could actually count did i jump in because of the count. it was at 6 running at the end of the round. didn’t ask how many decks though so i assumed 6 = true 1 however i’m not sure what the standard number of decks is for CMSs.

  8. for ShuffleMaster One2Six mashine, one method is used, it's counting last 16 cards dealt. In BJ, It's not very powerful, one reason is because, in BJ EoR (effect of removal) of one card is very small. but in some country, One2Six is used for other games too. at least one game is fairly profitable when the game is evaluated by SCORE.
    i don't say details.

  9. I am interested in learning something new. .. I thank you for giving me my first tool to use… Please do not play at a CONTINUOUS CARD SHUFFLE MACHINE TABLE. remember why do you want to send the wrong message… The casinos want to take your money.
    Thank you . .. .

  10. I've trying to find answers to this question. The reshuffle tower machine or what ever it's called, Not CSM. I'm talking about the machine that the dealer puts their discarded deck in and then a new fresh deck comes up and is already ready.

    I've heard that the auto re-shuffler has been programed to set the deck in a certain pattern to keep the deck count as neutral as possible. Non of my local casinos hand shuffle unless that machine goes down. Could you shed some answers on that please?

  11. ive seen it where they place the cards back in the machine after each hand. i will not play csm tables. even if the min bet is low, i will not play. note to casino: get rid of these freaking machines.

  12. You can't beat the continuous shuffle machine, because it's not a shuffler, it's a card stacker, that stacks the cards to ensure the dealer has the best hands. Go read the patent info on these machines and you'll see that they are much more than just a shuffler.

  13. Hey i've been learning how to count cards for 6 months and i can count a whole deck in 31 seconds but the only problem over here in the UK is that every casino has CSM's and they deal one hand out and return the cards back into the machine. Any tips? i'd of hated to waste all this time learning for nothing but i think i have. Thanks

  14. How to perform against shuffling machines to register cards numerically : first ,I assign usability numeric labels to cards as follows vs initial dealer cards :
    Vs 3-6=+1 stand,double,split
    Vs 7-9=-2 hit,stand,split,surrender
    Vs 10-K=-1 surrender,hit,stand
    Vs 2,A=-2 hit,insurance,stand,surrender
    Use blackjack tendency to tie and loose consecutively to recoup and keep initial bankroll.
    Each running count is unique per hand and true count is included .
    Unavoidably use variation of bets from minimun to maximum allowed per hand lost consecutively but use theoretical delay :
    Hands lost in positive counts
    Hands won in negative counts
    Hands tied after losing hands consecutively
    *Forget about spreads because everything depends of the assingment by casino of min-max bets per hand according to initial bankroll : spreads are use useless when is assigned short range between min-max of wager : you better don't play : a shuffling machine? It s the best that could happen to you : because the making design of blackjack is based statistically by criminal casinos on:player 2 initials vs dealer 1 initial cards : even a cut card could be worse than a disgrace even if distributed 80% of available cards

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