Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Boondocking Bash 2019 Intro – Day 1

Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Boondocking Bash 2019 Intro – Day 1

Awesome Online Casinos Tips: Boondocking Bash 2019 Intro – Day 1

Introduction for anyone who missed it.

Hope to see you all here!
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Voltcube 400w Inverter –
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Mongoose Dolomite –
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12v 20ah Go-Go Elite AGM battery (x4) –
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The answer is 42. Join the Rebel Alliance and be good to your neighbor. See ya next time!

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18 Replies to “Online Casinos in Canada Tips: Boondocking Bash 2019 Intro – Day 1”

  1. I was curious why are these type of events usually in the desert? I can understand why people go to the south in the winter. Are there similar summer events held in the northern states? I know Washington and Oregon have national forest/BLM land where you can boondock for 2 weeks.

  2. Seth this is Roy the transmission guy. I am outlining the most common problems with would be nice to find someone that can outline in bold print these things on paper. I really want to help people out,… so I'll do it man. Thank you for bringing it together.

  3. Suggestions for your Bash activity list…. 1. care of your animals. Such as nail clipping, comfort for dogs lying on the rocky ground…etc. 2. Healthier nomad foods. 3. Artistic activity. 4. Photography class. 5. Water conservation for nomads.

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