LeMaker HiKey 960 Review, will this be able to mine bitcoin?

LeMaker HiKey 960 Review, will this be able to mine bitcoin?

Hey everyone!, this is a quick review on the hikey 960 sbc board, i was excited for the PICE Gen 2. Can this board support GPU Bitcoin Mining? Check it out the video and thanks for the view!

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31 Replies to “LeMaker HiKey 960 Review, will this be able to mine bitcoin?”

  1. Hi, can´t believe that this expensive board is not ready for production. Over 200 USD for nothing. Thanks for protecting me for not buying this board. Maybe there will be updates soon.

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  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to know that can I do crypto currency mining only with raspberry pi without using any ASIC block miner, or may be a cluster of raspberry pi? and will it be profitable ? ..not a big profit but a nominal profit will also do.

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