Ledger Live – Manage Your Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Ledger Live – Manage Your Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

How do you secure your Bitcoin and crypto using a hardware wallet? Today I explore the new desktop software from Ledger, called “Ledger Live”. You can use this to interact with your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Blue, and ensure that your funds are safe while also having your financial information readily available in a convenient app. This video is for beginners using their first hardware wallet, as well as those individuals switching over from the old Chrome apps that Ledger used to utilize.

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28 Replies to “Ledger Live – Manage Your Bitcoin Hardware Wallet”

  1. Hey i have a few questions im unsure of maybe you can help, how do i open my ledger live account on multiple pc's ? for example, if at 1 location i have the ledger live app installed and synced to all my info on my ledger nano s, and at another location someone else has there ledger nano s synced to that pc ledger live app, how do i open my info on there pc that is synced to there ledger nano s ? Thanks.

  2. Simple but superbly instructive.

    Only one question remained in me: what about if someone sends me cryptocurrency and I'm off by the moment? Will my hardware wallet receive that cryptocurrency the next time I connect it to the cumputer using the LedgerLive, or how it will work?

    Thank you. Please answer back!
    Thank you.

  3. Im at where it says GENUINE CHECK, then it says CONNECT AND UNLOCK YOUR LEDGER DEVICE. When I plug my ledger in it turns on but on my computer the arrows just keep turning and wont sync. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  4. Thanks for the vid. Looks pretty convenient and straight forward to me. Have you experienced any firmware update issues so far because I remember some people reported to have gotten in trouble with this?

  5. Just a suggestion…skip the zoo intro as it gave me the wrong impression to begin with. Your presentation is so professional but the colored glasses and the zoo animals were a bit confusing!

  6. I have a question on how to confirm address wallet on xrp on ledger s.

    I loaded etherum and was asked to confirm address from ledger live software app and ledger not able to confirm XRP/ Ripple.

    Any Help?

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