Learn How Slot Machines Work For Real. (Tech4Truth Episode 2)

Learn How Slot Machines Work For Real. (Tech4Truth Episode 2)

how random are online slots

Learn how slots and slot machines work on the most basic level, and why winning is so hard. I’m Mark Vincent, a certified slot technician, and my tech4truth videos are to educate the gambling public about how slots work, and how not to get scammed by those selling systems.

This is Episode 2 of 8… make sure to view my other episodes when they come online! If you haven’t seen Episode 1 yet, you should start there.

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Sample Transcript: The Random Number Generator, also called the RNG, is a computer program that is always running inside the slot machine unless the machine is turned off or its in an error condition. The RNG has only one job, and that’s to constantly generate random numbers, big ones. It chooses a new random number several thousand times a second, and the number it chooses is what decides if you win. How does it choose a number? It picks one at the exact millisecond you place your bet. No more, and no less. Yeah, you heard me right. If you win or lose is based solely on when you hit the bet button. Hows that for truth?

So, how can a casino possibly influence random numbers in order to make the machines so profitable? This is where the reels come in. The machine relates the chosen number to a set of reel stops. Reel stops are the symbols, including blanks, that the reels can land on to make up the combination that you get. There are usually 22 of them on a standard slot reel. This gets tricky, and there’s not enough time in this video for me to fully explain it, though I do explain it fully in my book. Its tricky because the symbols you see on the reels that are actually in the machine are not the symbols the machine uses to decide payouts the machine uses virtual reels. A virtual reel is sort of like a pretend reel that can have as many stops on it as the casino wants. This way, the casino isn’t forced to make all the reels and symbols have the same odds of appearing, and they can make the top award symbol actually appear far less often than it seems like it should on the reels you see. The number chosen by the RNG is mapped to the virtual stops, and your combination is made up of that. The virtual reels are then matched to the symbols on the actual reels, and your combination is displayed. The reels you see on the machine? They don’t decide anything they’re just there to display the combination the machine chose before they even started to spin.

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  1. Nice Kubrick reference. (Dr. Strangelove)

    Finally someone who knows what they're talking about! Slots are based entirely on luck. They are a negative expectation game control rolled by RNG (or pseudo RNG). There is no way to beat the machine. You just have to get lucky. Myths: tight/loose machines, hot or cold slots, he stole my jackpot, it would have it gad I played longer, it's due to hit, it just paid out a huge jackpot so don't play it because it'll be ages before another hits, I have a winning system. Etc etc.

    A slot machine has no memory. The machine doesn't know or care whether it just paid out 3 jackpots in a day or hasn't hit a jackpot since the Nixon administration! Randomness cannot be tamed or harnessed which is why casinos make ~80% (on average) of their revenue on slot machines. Some casinos get 95% or MORE in their revenue from slots only! There are entire casinos dedicated to slots, bingo and keno only. Those are what I call the suckersinos. And of course the Stupid Wheel (Super Six Wheel) will greet you at the entrance! Steer clear!

    How can u claim it's all random, when the machine has been pre set to pay out a selected % or amount.

    Again the machine has been altered or programed to pay out a certain amount and the machine will do exactly that!

    If the machine was not altered or programmed at all to pay out a certain amount…Then it would be a true RANDOM machine!

  3. Gambling is maddening..Friday I left $620 ahead, Sunday $820 ahead-than the next 3 times lost $270, $145 and $80-not once getting ahead those 3 times?! is there any logic that it's better to gamble on a day when it's busier and more money is being fed into slots, cause the 2 times I won the most were at like 2 am after a real busy night at a casino

  4. This guy is full of knowledge,but he has never been gambling ,because if all what he compose here is a true,then computer will give you a steady stream of wining+ losing combinations.But what some of might know sometimes one can be playing slot mashine all night and won't win a shit,and sometimes you just can't lose,all night! All those slots conneced to a server who's determined what kinds of combinations to run,small wins,big wins,or somewhere in between. It's my opinion,i can be wrong though.

  5. When I was a kid my folks bought one of those old school retired slot machines from some Reno casino. I think it was a 5 cent deal and you could only play one coin. Anyway over the years we noticed nobody ever hit the jackpot so my dad took it apart and discovered that they'd chipped off the gear on the third wheel that would have stopped it for the bar-bar-bar jackpot. You could get two bars but no matter how many times you pulled the arm that third wheel was never ever going to stop at bar.

  6. My question is the RNG system is it randomly stopped as soon as you put money in and then it kind of goes is a domino effect where placed through the set of codes that has stopped on which would make sense or does it actually randomly pick and when it randomly picks is it constantly going in a row of numbers such as like from 1 to 100 or is it going from 2 to 25 randomly

  7. That is not true ,,those machine has been programmed depends on the machine to to save 50%-80% and pay back only 40-20% to casino customers ,,whatever come on the screen is to trick you and keep you busy … you need find soft machine in casino and if they casino owner see every one knows the soft machine then they will replace it .hahahah

  8. "Everything is Random" yet the Profit is Calculated. This is the magic of Mathematics ladies and gentlemen No trickery just pure probabilities.

    Let's play a game: We flip a coin. Every time it lands TAILS you gonna give me 10cents and every time it lands HEADS I am gonna give you 7cents. The result is truly random yet the rip-off is guaranteed.

  9. If you have the slot machines rnd algorithm and the starting seed number in hexadecimal then it is possible to predict what every subsequent spin outcome will be.  If the machines display counter says spin 408948 then you can calculate by the algorithm the corresponding output value.  How these values correspond to the virtual reels are determined by another algorithm, determined by the payback percentage of trhe machine and stored on an eprom.  This is how the casino determines its hold.  The lower the payback percentage the greater the casino hold.

  10. I understand the premise and understand it to be true. However, there are times where I feel that the machine is no longer being controlled by the RNG and is set to pay out a certain amount. There have been times where I have been at a machine that won't stop hitting. Small hit after small hit. It gets to a point where I want to lose so that I could leave the machine. This has happened more than once.

  11. Hey Mark, The one thing I hear out of more people about slots is to play in High traveled areas of the casino The entry way intersections etc. Now I can say that I have done well on machines in these areas but can I attribute that to the fact that those machines are played more often?

  12. Online poker has an RNG. But there are always patterns and action hands/situations coming up the same way it did before. I don't think a Computer( also slots) can be completely random like what our idea after random is

  13. The slot Elvis has a big wheel with 30 different wins with the biggest being £500. If you get 3 out of the 5 bonus wheel symbols it lands 1 away from the £500 everytime. Please explain simply how that is random? It's predetermined surely. The slot little Britain gives you the exact same amount in a bonus to the penny. How is this random? if a slot was 100% random would I off not seen something different by now? As soon as you explain how it's randomly landing on the same winnings or paying out the same winnings on a feature then I will believe you….

  14. Hi Everyone~ I have a One Armed Bandit, the nickel seems to be just falling through, and then of course the arm doesnt move, or the button won't work. Something is wrong with it, how can I find someone to look at it, or if someone wants to buy it it is for sale!

  15. This is the honest truth on how slot machines work. 1 You put in money 2. You push the button or pull the handle. 3. the wheels go round and round giving you a few seconds of hopeful high. 4. They land on a losing combination 99 % of the time. 5. repeat process till you run out of money.

  16. just because this is what you were taught doesn't mean it is true. I worked in automotive for 30 years and used to be an MCSE. The manufacturer flat out lies about what they make and how it works. all. THE. TIME. Even to the people who fix this shit. Because you were trained to fix em does not mean what you were taught was the truth. IME You were taught just enough to fix them, and whatever else you have picked up on your own. That's it. The word of the manufacturer is not gospel. It's obvious the slots are rigged. Using the "what is more likely" rule, they'd be damn fools not to rig them. Therefore they must rig them. And the slots are NOT rigged in the favor of…WHOM?

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