Is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Safe? – Ledger Nano S

Is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Safe? – Ledger Nano S

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple !!! These are all top Cryptop Currencies that can be stored on the Ledger Nano S, but do you really need a hardware wallet to store your crypto currency? Join me in this episode as we unbox, setup, and restore / bring back to life a Ledger Nano S crypto currency hardware wallet!


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  1. i think it is also good to mention that these wallets are like a bank and you are the owner, the teller, and the only customer. So you should follow how a real bank would handle all transactions. Use a dedicated laptop just for crypto transactions. No internet surfing and/or any personal internet activities allowed. I have been reading bank employee handbooks…and it has good guidelines and rules to follow (especially the electronic communication and social media section) –>

    Now that we own our own bank we should follow rules to protect it. We are the owner, the teller (employee), and the customer. We need to know our responsibilities for each role.

  2. How would anyone finding my 24 words be able to restore my ledger without having my ledger. All it says are 24 words, those are not unique, right?

  3. I ordered a Ledger Nano S on June 23rd and it STILL hasn't arrived. I paid via Paypal and it went through just fine. For some reason those morons dropped the ball and cancelled my purchase saying they weren't paid!!! When questioning them as to how this happened, they couldn't answer me. It's like the "left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing" for some reason. I've never had a problem with a Paypal payment with anyone before. Paypal shows that I sent the payment and that Ledger RECEIVED my payment immediately. If you buy off their website, beware and STAY ON THEM until yours arrives. I'm still waiting and waiting and waiting……

  4. its terrible. i got heart attack almost. i transfered 6 bitcoin to ledger nano s and next day i had only 3 bitcoin. where is the 3 bitcoin gone, someone had accessed for sure. i have no idea what happened. i have only pincode and all keys. so why its missing? can anyone give me advice please what can i do??? thank you.

  5. Any virus can attack or hack Ledger? to silently hack your recovery phase?

    Just like virus that hide un your laptop and attack your usb flashdrive instantly when it connect to infected computers

  6. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for the informative video. Could you please make a video where you can create and run myetherwallet offline? I tried to follow the steps mentioned in the github page but I am lost. I really appreciate your help. Thanks

  7. POSSIBLE FRAUD ALERT:    I saved $10 by buying a Nano off Ebay.  Today, while doing my first transaction sending BTC, I was asked to confirm 2 transactions:  The first was the one I wanted, the second was to send my remaining BTC balance to some other address.  I rejected that, then tried to send BTC to a different website, and got the same thing.  I can't confirm this yet, but it appears that the Ebay reseller either added a chip, but more likely, changed the firmware to do this.???  The LTC and ETH transactions worked as they should have.  I won't give the Ebayer's name yet until I get confirmation from Ledger.  But, this looks like a pretty smooth scam.  The box was not the Chinese knockoff, and the plastic it was covered in looked very professional.  I left $2 on my balance, so I transferred the bulk of it back to Coinbase, and had to confirm sending the $2 to the crook, so I could complete the transaction and save the rest of my BTC.  The BTC is safely in my Coinbase account now, minus fees.  Oddly, the $2 is still on my ledger….?????  Be careful Cryptonauts!

  8. The safest wallet would be one implanted in the right hand or forehead, but to ensure the person is not a criminal hacker, they must first deny "Jesus Christ" < : ) and worship the King of Israel, Baal Hillel Ben Shem Windsor-Rothschild as Allah. Then it will be super secure 😛 Or we could use cash? I've never been robbed, have you?

  9. Better off using the Ledger Safe Initialize OS to initialize your wallet. I even drive off down a backroad until I see no Wifi connections available then initialize the Ledger there in the car using the Safe Initialize OS. Cause if your MacBook is compromised the hackers could potentially watch you initialize your wallet and have the entire recovery pass phrase. If they're really slick they could probably issue your MacBook commands and just send the BTC off to another wallet quickly while you have the wallet open.

  10. I don't see any safety in a small key-chain USB stick with a paper mnemonic sheet.
    Both are easy to lose, steal or misplace, not to mention damage. The paper can be eaten by mold in the next flood, the stick can burn when you plug it in or out like any other piece of USB hardware.

    Software is untouchable. Your software wallet you hold on your computer or phone is *encrypted*.
    The hard drive, ssd or emmc on the device you store your wallet is/should be encrypted.
    The password exist in your brain only. You lose the use of your brain… you don't need crypto.
    That key-chain accessory is just as good as printing your private key on a piece of paper and storing it like the paper received with the Ledger.

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