How To Play Online Slots – Slot Bonus Rounds

How To Play Online Slots – Slot Bonus Rounds

how to play online slots

A guide to bonus rounds in online slots
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In this episode of our guide to online slots, we’re be explaining bonus rounds and how they work to mix up the play of your slots.

Bonus rounds or minigames in slots, come in many different forms. They can be interactive minigames, where you have to use skill in order to beat the objective. They can be free spins, where you get a set number of free spins and earn money for free.

They can be board game style bonuses, where your spin becomes a dice roll and you then play a board game style bonus game, where you must land on areas with the highest multiplier. You can also spin wheels to land on multipliers and bonuses.

There’s a huge range of bonus rounds in video slots. The great thing about videos slots, compared to real life slot machines, is that they can have really varied gameplay. Real slot machines can only ever have bonus rounds that play like everything else on the slot. You spin reels to land on bonuses. In video slots, you can have interactive minigames, free spins, or even other entire games thrown into the mix.

Bonus rounds are not just there to mix up gameplay, but are there to reward the player in terms of money as well.

Bonus rounds are where most of your big wins will come. They are designed to host the largest multipliers and bonuses within each slot. Although every slot works differently, the bonus round is where the money really is. They are of course designed to come along rarely for this reason, but it makes each instance of a slot bonus round even more exciting. More is on the line and their rarity makes them special, with high stakes.

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