Electrum Bitcoin Wallet – Versatile and Feature Rich

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet – Versatile and Feature Rich

Today I take a look at Electrum – a fully featured desktop Bitcoin wallet for those that want to get the most flexibility and customization out of their transactions. I walk through initial setup, basic transactions, and some of the features enabled here that are harder to come by in many other wallets.

Electrum is available on both desktop and mobile, but I will be focusing on desktop for this episode. In-depth hardware wallet usage will also be covered in other videos with the respective devices.

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15 Replies to “Electrum Bitcoin Wallet – Versatile and Feature Rich”

  1. Hi BTC Sessions hope u r well. How confident do you feel on the Electrum wallet that if you were to import your personal wallet private keys they would not be compromised by the wallets dev team ? or since they are being exposed during the process they may be vulnerable assuming you have no virus on your comp of course? I really find it hard to accept to input / expose prv keys that have been generated of line, in any web based wallets as general public have no idea how any off the code / tech/ cryptography works behind the scene in order to fully 100% trust these web wallets. They could be harmless today and nothing may happen to your BTC stored in them but if BTC hits the desired amount by the investors all these keys may be in the hands of these web wallet creators?? What is your opinion regarding this? Does this wallet have a feature that you could use it as view only wallet with your public address and all transactions are generated of line and then transferred online via a signed message with ur prv key?

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  3. Great how-to video, as usual.

    I've ve been using Electrum for a while.
    Two things…
    (1) you don't have to wait for transactions to confirm in order to spend those UTXOs
    (2) transactions always show up right away for me after I broadcast them. The server you're connected to might be lagging…try connecting to a different one.

    IMHO, Electrum + Trezor or Electrum + ColdCard is unquestionably the best wallet set up in terms of security, usability, and versatility for long-term or medium-term BTC or LTC storage.


  4. yes I like your content very usefull, even such 'basic' usecases like this one is very important for bilions of people to come, that will find this as easy as possible to understand things required to use the future of money that is btc (I like specialty your outdoor walks intros or endings to your vlogs). Thanks 😉

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