Choose your Bitcoin Wallet – An in-depth review of BitcoinQT, Electrum and Multibit

Choose your Bitcoin Wallet – An in-depth review of BitcoinQT, Electrum and Multibit

In this in-depth review from, we look at the 3 main recommended Bitcoin desktop wallets on We talk through the pros and cons of each of the wallets and run through live installations of Bitcoin-QT, Electrum and Multibit. Bicoin Tip: 1GAretHEXfPiBhqPmny7GD6sMTm5MnZVsU


20 Replies to “Choose your Bitcoin Wallet – An in-depth review of BitcoinQT, Electrum and Multibit”

  1. Just a heads up there are a lot of bugs with Multibit. Right now I can't sign into my account even with wallet words and it says my password can't open the wallet. I Googled it and apparently it's a somewhat common and serious problem.

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  3. It took 2 days to download all the Bitcoin-QT block information??? More like TEN days, assuming from your computer date going from 11 to 21.
    Also, just to point out, the way you say memory sizes is technically wrong. They are GigaBYTES, not GigaBITS. A bit and a byte are two different things, just would like to point that out for future reference!

  4. So once I get this send/receive window open where do I go to buy a Bitcoin???!!! I don't get it!!! I don't have Bitcoins, but Is it possible for someone to hack my computer while I'm fiddling around with all these little buttons & gadgets while I've got this window open?? Last thing I need is to be fiddling around with all this junk & have my computer hacked while I'm trying to figure out what all the long sentences, codes & stuff on the send/receive window while it's open!! Can they steal my Bitcoin info while this window is open & I'm figuring everything out??? This is NOT well covered at all!!!

  5. Coibase charges you 1% of every transaction. How much does QT charge per transaction? I think 1% is quite a lot don't you?!!! It's almost as much as a credit card. Also Im afraid they might go out of business & I'll loose all the bit coins I have with them!! Am I right about that?!! Thanks!

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