Can You Count Cards At Online Blackjack?

Can You Count Cards At Online Blackjack?

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Is it possible to count cards at live dealer online blackjack games from the comforts of your own home? Colin breaks down what is needed to effectively use card counting, as well as the math behind playing online blackjack vs real casinos.

For a more thorough analysis of the math, check out this article at Blackjack Apprenticeship:

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28 Replies to “Can You Count Cards At Online Blackjack?”

  1. Thanks for your videos, in the real casino of my city (France) they shuffle when there are 4 decks on 6 remaining or more, but never less… Do you think it's possible to win in these conditions? Thanks

  2. Please make a video on avoiding detection. It's seems pretty obvious to casino staff if we're consistently sitting out several hands throughout a shoe. ( especially at beginning of shoe) And also during team play it seems obvious when the "high roller" partner jumps in and out only playing a few hands. Or always bets big at the end of the shoe. I can't imagine the pit bosses don't notice that.

  3. Couldn't you get a much bigger advantage at the ONLINE (not live action) casinos using a hidden secret computer? Yes it's illegal but how are they going to distinguish it from card counting if they can't see you in person, let alone prosecute you for it?

  4. To go along with what Fadel said, idk if I 100% buy into this. I’ve been card counting and being extremely patient for maybe 10 days now on Bovada’s live dealer BJ. At this point in time, I’ve won $800. This all came from mostly betting $10 per hand, with the occasional $15-$30 bet. Of course if I increased my bets to begin with, I’d be over $1000. Idk if you still consider this luck, but I’m starting to think that how I’ve been approaching these hands has been a big reason why I’m up this much. Now, I’m sure $800 is nothing to you guys, but for someone who’s in his 20s, and currently has a full time job, $800 is a nice chunk of change.

  5. i really dont know if its the luck or not but i made 120 euros in 5 minutes online and i started with just 10 euros ! anyway i cashed out and said bye bye !! but that was really good profit in 5 min

  6. i made 1,14 million form my bed in 3 days i turned my broke ass in to a milioner at 18 yers off age, but i have been playing for 1/2 of a year and, every day nearly, so you count need to count cards just play and get good at it, but the huge risk is mis clinking online….. i lost 1 million i short i was beting 100k but i had hit 6 in sted of 5 so i hush the 100k chip and acedently bet a million and ofcors i lost it all…… so i was a milioner in 3 days win and los whit the same soul

  7. Hey guys i’m having a constent problem where i might need your help… i live on the french riviera i can not find a casino without a CSM… does anyone know where i could find one ?

  8. Thoughts on Spanish 21, everyone? It has MUCH better rules than the six deck tables I've been playing at. I don't take a ton of money to generate a significant amount of EV. I usually take about $100 and back count. I get in a table when the count is really good, then use basic/index/illustrious 18 strats to determine my plays and about 4 out of 5 times I'll make about $40 or $50.

    But in Spanish 21 (which uses CSMs), I've been able to win about the same amount just playing basic strategy and using their rules (can double after hit, early surrender, surrender after double, Aces get more than one card when split) to ensure I have a damn good hand against the dealer's upcard. Blackjacks in Spanish 21 pay 3:2 just like regular blackjack does as well.

    Thoughts anyone? Back counting is cool, but I've been enjoying Spanish 21.

  9. Casino near me has single deck game with 3:2. But the dealer deals the players cards faced down in table. It makes card counting so difficult and confusing. Any Tips how to get count cards easier in such situations?

  10. Hey Colin it is William here. In online play, I would say there is no need to do card counting such as hi-lo. You could just calculate to the exact advantage/disadvantage by recording each card that is been dealt. After all, the whole point of having a point system (which is an approximation) is that adding/subtracting precise decimals is too difficult in live casino environment.

    But like you said, because of the poor penetration it still won't be much profitable

  11. I tried to count a shoe on a video from youtube.The end of the deck was like (-1) or (+1).You can count it but yes the penetration is bad but I did see some guy get lucky.Not naming his channel but he was making outrageous bets and winning.Bets a staunch counter would never make in a negative shoe.
    But yes you are right about the penetration, very poor.Even a dealer said so to a player chatting with him during a game.

  12. I have a live dealer game plays about 120 rounds per hour, I can get in or out at any point and spread to 3 hands (also at any time), penetration is an UNBELIEVABLE 7.5 to 7.75 out of 8 decks, H17 DAS with the only downer is 6/5 BJ.

    Min bet is $5 max is $175 and I'm able to play 40 deviations.

    How beatable is this Collin?

  13. Nice one! The simulation results will come in handy when I get asked if online BJ is beatable. Your video will act as a reference point for years to come, Colin! Thanks.

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