Bitcoin Law Review – SEC on ICO, Tether, Salt, Binance, Bitmain

Bitcoin Law Review – SEC on ICO, Tether, Salt, Binance, Bitmain

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Topic 1: SEC vs ICO

Topic 2: Judge Says an ICO is not a security

Topic 3: Binance had an ICO, now what?

Topic 4: Tether/Bitfinex Investigated for Manipulation

Topic 5: Sanctioning Bitcoin Addresses

Topic 6: Bitcoin Law Suits for Mining & BCash Fork

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27 Replies to “Bitcoin Law Review – SEC on ICO, Tether, Salt, Binance, Bitmain”

  1. It appears Binance has achieved some success recently. I kind of don`t care, but will keep in mind just in case. What concerns Tether, it`s a hackneyed subject, I wish people just stopped dishing the dirt about it. Obviously the fact that Tether occurred to be fully backed doesn`t let its rivals sleep peacefully.

  2. All this mess around Tether is just beneficial for its competitors and is actually initiated by them. You don`t have to be a damn genius to investigate that. Tether frightens a whole bunch of people because it`s really robust and it would very difficult for them to dethrone it.

  3. Thanks for covering this important topic. There are so many speculations about Tether and still any of them doesn`t sound solid. Facts speak for themselves: Tether provided info on bank account and it says that it possesses the necessary amount of US dollars. Maybe stop this slandering?

  4. Thanks for your review! I think Tether absolutely complies with SEC rules otherwise they would have shed some light on it. Now we know that Tether is fully backed by US dollars. I think the upcoming year will be very successful for this stable coin and it will gain even more popularity.

  5. Great info!  Want a full functioning hidden crypto gem today?  Checkout the new community tokenized exchange  The UI is fabulous like Binance's, but has an advanced trailing stop loss feature.  You receive a much greater 70% discount on trades when fees are paid in CPEX, the utility token.  The exchange is bot free to increase profit margins on trades. They have giveaways, referral bonuses, and weekly trading contests on new crypto listings. See their rewards page.  Incredibly, you can buy CPEX today for less than a penny with a low max supply of 100 million.  They just started adding coin listings and for December ERC20 listings are free! They are growing with over 38k Telegram members.  They are soon to be listed on CMC, and when discovered the price of cpex will soar.

  6. Here is how it goes.. In the end, F*** the SEC. They mean nothing! KYC should be against the law.. It's invasion and weakening of privacy. I don't want just any company to have access to my personal info and leave an open vulnerability.

  7. Sactioning bitcoin addresses is really dumb. There are so many ways to "clean" BTC these days: coin-join via the Wasabi wallet, trade for Monero (or other altcoin) then back to BTC on a decentralized exchange, etc.

  8. hands down, this Bitcoin Law Review show is the best content being put out online today. it provides discussion, scrutiny, and critical evaluation of global financial madness, with a measured dose of decency. this will shape our society for a long time to come. if you're paying attention to this, then you're on the right track.

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