Bitcoin Law Review – Richard Heart's HEX Scam, Virgil Arrest for North Korea, OneCoin, Telegram ICO

Bitcoin Law Review – Richard Heart's HEX Scam, Virgil Arrest for North Korea, OneCoin, Telegram ICO

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Disclaimer: Nothing said on this law show should be interpreted as Legal Advice!

Topic 1: Virgil Griffith of Ethereum Arrested for speaking Blockchain in North Korea

Topic 2: One Coins Lawyer Conviction

Topic 3: ICO’s in the hot seat

Topic 4: Richard Heart’s HEX Scam:

Smart Contract Address:
ETH Richard Heart Scammed from Idiots:

Where he might have fucked up and exposed the fact that he does own the ethereum wallet (which we all know he does anyway):

Update if Possible on Ripple a Security:

The Block’s Deleted Twitter Thread, Use

Time Permitting: US Housing Foundation vs Forman (1975)


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45 Replies to “Bitcoin Law Review – Richard Heart's HEX Scam, Virgil Arrest for North Korea, OneCoin, Telegram ICO”

  1. I gave eth to the AA lobby just so richard will give you the middle finger Tone Vays, thats my only expectation I have for Richard Heart! Get out of crypto youre SUCH a douchebag!!

  2. Is there a place to read all this , why do we need to talk to people. What are the tech docs. What are the docs that state what the code does, so that individuals can verify that the code is doing this. At the end of the day I shouldnt need to read the hex code. The contract/software should be a black box that works as described. Are these specifics described anywhere or is it all word of mouth?

  3. That Jason bloke loves the sound of his own voice. He's so rude he keeps cutting across other people when they are trying to speak & changing the subject. Put a sock in it and get some manners. You are seriously annoying.

  4. The World Renowned cutting edge Journalist Peter McCormack has created his best work to date ! See his riveting interview with one of the most profound thought provoking leaders in cryptocurrency and technology disrupter Richard Heart !

  5. RH provided a spade and them fellas keep digging a deeper hole – clearly the discussion is out of their experience & expertise- RH is a beast for playing a game of wits and knowledge with unaware and unarmed opposition- respect for meeting this challenge ( and destroy the ' scam' argument)

  6. I literally picture him standing before a judge, saying something like: "I can do this for 10 more effin hours, bro… I didn't take the ETH, people minting their own coins!" 
    I am so proud of having not involved myself in this display of a narcissist, who only wants to prove to the whole world that he can do it better than Satoshi and everybody else.

  7. Toni – I would just like to ask one question re the HEX fiasco – have you claimed your free HEX coins ? Because no matter how bad this project might be – who knows, it might be possible to make money on it ! That's the scary part about 'Crypto' ! EVEN if you're a BTC maximalist !

  8. S&P500 broke out of a multiyear inverted head and shoulders and retested the neckline. I've been waiting for this retest. I think we go to 3800 by next October and tack on 23% if my TA has any basis in reality.

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