Bitcoin Law Review – RavenCoin ($RVN) w/ Bruce Fenton and Operation CryptoSweep by NASAA

Bitcoin Law Review – RavenCoin ($RVN) w/ Bruce Fenton and Operation CryptoSweep by NASAA

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During the intro’s I will have you guys do some highlights:
@Sssashaaa you can briefly mention:

@Mannyalicandro you can briefly mention the exchange charge sheet which does not look accurate to me but if it’s going around let’s briefly mention it:
@dcsilver i’d like for you to comment on this:

@BitcoinKhaleesi not sure yet, what ever is on your mind
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Topic 1
Because I do not know if or when Terpin might come on, I think we should do RavenCoin follow up with Bruce Fenton first. I will lay out the case as to why I would not do what he did using my best understanding of @JasonFS reasoning (hope Jason joins), then Bruce will explain why i’m wrong. And then you guys drop the knowledge on your points.

Topic 2 (if Terpin Joins)
Go over his case vs ATT:

Topic 3: NASSA – Operation CryptoSweep

Topic 4: CBOE Ehereum Futures

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47 Replies to “Bitcoin Law Review – RavenCoin ($RVN) w/ Bruce Fenton and Operation CryptoSweep by NASAA”

  1. Doesn’t sound as if Jason or Tone did homework. Cause if they had, they would have listened to Overstock Q2 call Aug. 9 which says that they have been camped in SEC offices working out the platforms.
    Or, they needed to shill because they had missed the boat and called in a favor to pick it up on the discount.

  2. Bruce, you load up on this coin and promote it to be listed in Ex and say you are not expecting to profit from its price hick is laughable… (its stupid to think no one will see your intent here).

  3. hi Tone do u think after a lower 9 then the previews 6 & 7 candle can come with a 13 count up in btc ?
    i am really trying to learn this indicator has soon i have the money i will buy it from u and looking forward to all those videos that come with it for me i pay for the info that u share with the indicator not for the indicator so i think if u focus it that way will be cool for everyone xD

  4. well, i never thought i'd listen to 140 mins of legal argument and enjoy it ! How is this summary? : Bruce: "no one has taken any money (or something substituting money) for anything! " Jason, Tone etc: " not yet they haven't !" any feedback gratefully received.

  5. layman's Q : how can the regulators allow/create a framework for a space where there are different rules applying to the creation of the entities within that space ? entity A was set up in 2009 so it gets a pass, where entity B set up in 2017 does not? this is ensuring the creation of a monopoly/oligopoly situation…is it not? TIA for anyone's feedback

  6. Is it proper to assume anyone’s intention in mining? I bought bitcoin in 2013 with no intention of its value going up. I also participated in ethereum crowd-sale to experiment with smart contracts. It’s not always about the money. There are technologists that utilizes their resources to experiment with new tech.

  7. Tone vays and his useless and inaccurate speculation on price and legality is quiet boring . It’s obvious tone and lawyer boy are heavily invested in btc and attempting to stifle any competition even if it’s not a direct threat to your btc holdings which begs the question of motive again

  8. Thank you for the video Tone. No one appreciates more than I do your willingness to put so much time and effort into producing content for your viewers. While I know your intentions as a bitcoin advocate and agree with you, I do not like the addition of some of these lawyers to your series. The public does not know Jason’s intentions; for all we know he could have a vested interest in bringing Fenton on this show to crucify as much as possible. While this is a bitcoin maximalist show, I do not agree that bitcoin maximalism should facilitate the persecution of other members of this space. All of the crazies and the trolls who comment about you and the guests are really just immaturely and desperately expressing a disdain for this kind of activity.

  9. Tone, you seem to never mention the term "OPEN SOURCE" and overuse the term "decentralized" instead. I have the impression that you want your viewers to forget about that Bitcoin and most cryptos are open-sources to push your regulative agenda. I don't trust Bruce Fenton or anything he touches though.

  10. Why is Tone Vays, a Bitcoin maximalist, shitcoin hater, bias towards Bitcoin, holding a 2 hours debate on Ravencoin ? Nobody cares what these so called expert lawyers think of Ravencoin since they do not represent the SEC.

  11. Pretty much only Bruce and the Sick Lawyer dude had any clue what they are talking about. The rest are a antic clique of bias blind haters. I don't know why anyone would watch a Tone video after seeing this.

  12. Tone is the worst TA or crypto personality . How come no more predictions of 1300? It’s astonishing ho incorrect you are on a consistent basis even good old Thomas hunt at the wcn who was nice enough to allow your content constantly highlights how your TA is complete bs both sides of the fence nonsense.

  13. I like it when BTC maniacs go full mode pro regulations. They are more restrict than even the SEC. Thats what freedom is all about, or Liberatism or Anarchy? LMAO. Thats 100% facism.
    BTC – Nazis.

  14. Jason, you could be so arrogant to actually propose that this insignificant video, with so far as of this writing, has 4,000 views. Could actually sway the price of a coin is absurd. Ravencoin went up 3% or so because the WHOLE market is up today. Bitcoin is up 1.5%. That's why Ravencoin is up. Not because of this insignificant YouTube video.

  15. Ya'll are crazy about interrupting each other. Jason shouldn't even speak if he can't have an adult conversation. Site your facts instead of dragging long shot assumptions around. To say that Ravencoin was created just for Tzero is like saying Bitcoin was only created for Satoshi. If Ravencoin is a security then so is Bitcoin and Litecoin by the same definition.

  16. @tonevays – I enjoy watching these bitcoin law reviews and have seen several episodes so far. It helps knowing how the regulators will likely proceed. However, I think it would be really good to have someone like Judge Anna Von Reitz or someone known from the voluntarist perspective to confront your legal experts on the morality and ethics of the use of force.

    If individuals don't have the right to use force against another and individuals can't grant states any rights that they themselves do not have, then a contradiction arises in nearly all dimensions of legal reasoning on use of force. Bitcoin exposes this flaw in legislation by it's mere existence.

  17. Tony decided to become a judge and he invited his jury lol. Why do you care so much bro? What are your reasons? Why does Ravencoin threaten you? Hmmmm

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