Bitcoin Law Review – QuadrigaCX, Mitchell Espinoza, Civil Liberties Group vs SEC, & More!

Bitcoin Law Review – QuadrigaCX, Mitchell Espinoza, Civil Liberties Group vs SEC, & More!

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Topic 0 – Quick Reference
NY Approves Bitcoin ATM’s:
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Bitcoin & FBAR by Sasha Hodder:

Topic 1 – Civil Liberties Groups vs SEC on 1st Amendment Rights

Topic 2 – Cindy Axne’s House Bill against Crypto:

Topic 3 – Mitchell Espinoza (who got off) is in deep shit, with a higher court overturn:

Topic 4 – QuadrigaCX & Missing Bitcoin:


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21 Replies to “Bitcoin Law Review – QuadrigaCX, Mitchell Espinoza, Civil Liberties Group vs SEC, & More!”

  1. It doesn't appear to be the case that many of these lawyers understand the damage done when flagging addresses due to fraud. If it's possible to taint these addresses, then the fungibility of the currency is destroyed and that is actually one of the few things that actually can kill bitcoin. Of course coin tumblers can obscure these to some degree, but eventually the damage spreads and puts a little taint on everything if enough fraud is committed.

    The short term benefit of the rightful owners getting back their bitcoin comes at the cost of destroying the whole crypto economy in the long run. This is why privacy technology will become so important in the future. The answer isn't regulation because regulation increases centralization and centralization is the true source of the increase of terrorism. Decentralization is about forcing authority driven psycho's to fight with something closer to sticks and stones rather than nukes because NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED. That goes for western democracies as well as ISIS.

  2. Lawyer dude trying to destroy the fungibilty of Bitcoin didn't answer the simple question…what happens when Bitcoiners start deliberately contaminating all Bitcoin addresses from a white/black list Bitcoin address? Money needs to be fungible dumbass. There was a famous court case where a man had some cash stolen. Prior to the theft he had logged the serial numbers of the bank notes. He later found some of the notes held by a man who was not the thief. He tried to sue the holder of the bank notes but the court essentially ruled that because money needs to be fungible, he was not entitled to have his bank notes returned.

  3. And if Government managed to completely centralize Bitcoin to the point of tracking every single transaction and confiscating "dirty" tokens, they will never be able to use it themselves as a means of subsidizing and hiding their military and intelligence black ops. You do realize that Governments need a means of transacting in secret to hide their crimes far more than the average individual, right?

  4. Bitcoin isn't about Government permission… That is why it is called a decentralized permissionless and trustless system. If the government regulation turns Bitcoin into a centralized trusted network, it will be completely worthless. You morons need to recognize something, Bitcoin is about destroying centralized power structures, and that includes governments as well as banks. If that bothers you then you don't belong in this space. That is the only thing it is actually good for – i.e replacing the present centralized monetary system and in effect the centralized forms of government. We don't need government coercion for any reason at all. Especially not if we have decentralized trustless systems to function as the arbiters of trade and commerce. The US government has no constitutional duty to protect citizens or the property BTW. And the pretense they maintain to the contrary is just that, a legal pretense and a fraud.

  5. These fucking lawyers man… They dont understand the first thing about economics or decentralized protocols. Fiat currency can be stolen and traded without being tracked. So why isn't fiat currency illegal? Oh I realize they are trying to phase it out. But the whole point of Bitcoin is counter-economics. The developers dont care what the government wants. And neither does the community. The government can fuck itself in the ass. If Bitcoin ever become under the control of Government regulation, it will cease to be relevant and we will simply fork or start a new chain.

  6. I'm from Toronto and quadrigacx was basically the only "decent" exchange to fund with fiat… so I used it for about 7-8 months and I didn't trade on it because it always had a hefty premium.. so I just used it to fund/withdraw to my bank account.. in the summer of 2018 it started having issues for withdrawals so luckily I took all the crypto and fiat of the site in June and never used the exchange again… I definitely dodge a huge bullet.. I feel sorry for all the customers that got burned.. it could of happened to me just as easy.. after this.. I'm always going to hold my own keys. Stay safe out there.

  7. The CEO of Qadrigacx was Gerald Cotten. He was the one who died—whether or not you believe that. This other guy Michael / Omar was a shareholder and was on the board. Might want to be factual during lawyerly opining.

  8. this show was awesome-it demonstrated that governments will/could unintentionally adopt BTC simply because of superior traceability. They will wake up one day and realize that BTC is the base layer of everything they do.

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