Bitcoin Law Review – Blockstack's Reg A+, CFTC vs Bitmex, Gov't vs Libra/Crypto

Bitcoin Law Review – Blockstack's Reg A+, CFTC vs Bitmex, Gov't vs Libra/Crypto

by @ToneVays
Disclaimer: Nothing said on this law show should be interpreted as Legal Advice!
Topic 1: Reg A+ & Blockstack

Leads into Topic 1a on Broker-Dealers & Custody

Topic 2: Government vs Libra/Crypto

Topic 3: Crypto Exchanges

Topic 3a – Update on Bitfinex vs NYAG

Topic 4: Crypto & Taxes (Time Permitting)

Topic 5: Other – Time Permitting

Closing Moment of Zen:

Honorable Mention:

Audio Podcast:

See Regulation overview in each state here:


19 Replies to “Bitcoin Law Review – Blockstack's Reg A+, CFTC vs Bitmex, Gov't vs Libra/Crypto”

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  3. I have never commented on Tone Vays, because my comment would mean nothing. But I am driven to
    make note that someone who creates these kind of mythical thumbnail scenes featuring himself in armor and big scenes has got to have a TREMENDOUS ego and is obviously quite a legend in his own mind. He is a poster child for exaggerating his own importance, and it is hard to take someone like this seriously.

  4. Bakkt getting in super bearish, they already bought BTC OTC, actually this will bring the price down, only when they sell all their BTC stock we would maybe see any increase of price directly related to Bakkt, just see the most important indicator for traders, price action, and we are going down in a huge down trend with all indicator in red line, experience traders are in a no trade zone waiting for a move and all indicators are pointing strongly to a drop to 8.500$ at least!

  5. oh for gawds sake… Tone: "I just hate their business model…and I try to advise people not to buy it"
    The thing is… Their business model was not discussed here at all! So it's obvious to me that Tone has a pre-conceived negative opinion based on nothing…no facts. Just a knee-jerk reaction that this must be yet another useless shitcoin. Which I think is not the case here – though of course the project/company may very well crash and burn – no different than any other tech startup.

  6. Tone obviously did ZERO homework on Blockstack prior to this talk. If he did he would not be claiming Blockstack is trying to do what Ethereum did. There is a world of difference between the two projects and how they are implemented, the teams/founders, and the incentive structures – eg. the blockstack app store, and what the tokens are used for (not "gas").

  7. This is all b***** Bitcoin and crypto is supposed to allow everyone the opportunity to participate, this the same old BS! No advocacy for the little citizen to put his two cents in Win Lose or Draw!

  8. * Tone: "… it's useless.."
    Please explain why a platform is useless that allows easy programming of decentralized apps where the user controls their own data in direct opposition to the GAFAM gorillas (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft)
    * Of the apps already existing there is a decentralized word processor and email – just those two alone already make it far from useless to anyone who cares about keeping their data private.
    * they never did anything on Ethereum before. They built on top of the Namecoin blockchain which was found not to scale.
    They're currently built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain in a hybrid manner.
    FFS, if you're gonna dump/FUD a new project at least be half way informed about it.

  9. Tone: "…they're trying to get paid to build vaporware..". Vaporware by definition is fictitious software that does not yet exist. Not only is Blockstack's platform already launched and running for years, but there is already over 100 apps written and running on it with real users – if small in number at this time (though this is expected for a new project than the majority has never even heard of).

  10. Know what, Tone? I don't think you get what Blockstack did or is. The important part is you brought lawyers to explain the basics beyond cramming a couple pages of Wikipedia.
    Edit: WTF!? Tone, our planet has 4.5 billion years, not 5000. Heck, we even have more than 5000 years of written history.

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