Bitcoin Law Review – 1Broker, Winkelvii vs Charlie Shrem, EtherDelta SEC's Latest Statements

Bitcoin Law Review – 1Broker, Winkelvii vs Charlie Shrem, EtherDelta SEC's Latest Statements

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Topic 1: DJ Pepe’s Opinion Letter on Raven worked for Binance (Short)

Topic 1A: EtherDelta Charged by SEC (Breaking News)

Topic 2: 1Broker (Deep Dive)

Follow Up: Harvard Law School Forum on Tokens and Extraterritorial reach of the US (Tezos)

Topic 3: WCF vs CharlieShrem (Deep Dive into Court Case)

Topic 4: Van Valkenburgh’s Senate Testimony from Oct 11

Follow Up A: Coincenter’s proposed bills to Congress:

Follow Up B: Concerns around “the Blockchain Promotion Act”

Topic 5: China & Hong Kong (Short)
New blockchain regulations in China: (Oct 19)

Hong Kong Regulation: Nov 1

Topic 6: Opinion on What SEC is Going to state on ICO’s (Time Permitting):

@lawmaster declares XRP and BNB are securities:

Congress asks for Clarity from SEC

SEC probes Investment Advisors:

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16 Replies to “Bitcoin Law Review – 1Broker, Winkelvii vs Charlie Shrem, EtherDelta SEC's Latest Statements”

  1. I would love to hear a legit legal opinion about dragonchain’s token strategy. They have a patent pending to make their tokens “micro licenses” essentially for use. They have an fbi white collar crime consultant on staff, and have been working closely w SEC, following all guidance via direct consultation. Seems like a novel, and effective approach….?

  2. Why are you even talking about Binance? According to you, everything traded on Binance is a scam so why acknowledge the business?
    45:40 – If you are selling to an American you are within SEC jurisdiction??? That is a cross border threat if you ask me. The numbers that are showing resilience toward the American infrastructure is telling me that their scare tactics are fading. The SEC do not have the right to walk over the world pointing their finger and accusing of nonsense. despite what they actually do… This is all just smoke and mirrors.

  3. David Silver is a moron who loves centralization along with Tone the Soup Nazi !!! Don't kid yourself with a stable coin backed by the "US"dollar. Buy-bye $100,000 dollar BTC without a total collapse of the dollar. So once again fraud assholes like Clif, Bixy and jsnip actually bailed a long time ago when Jonny sold at top, then told you all to keep buying. Now Joe is moving on to more BS treasure hunting with a witch, and 2 or 6 other strangers he met on the net? WOW, sounds like a safe person. Good luck little girls your Dad brings phone chat strangers he met on the web into your living space.

  4. Paper etf will BE final Regulator, i guess and best Business too. Possession of real btc will BE illegal and confiscated for US people, as government i would do so. Only regulated digital etf is legal to own in bank Account Like paper gold.

  5. Tone Please help! QuadrigaCX – Canadian crypto exchange has frozen any fiat withdrawals. They claim to have litigation with CIBC which blocked their bank account with some USD 29mln + in it. I can't get any meaningful response from them on what is really going on and when the issue will be resolved. Fortunately it is possible to withdraw crypto but the fiat withdrawal requests got stuck in "no one knows place" May be some of the lawyers from your show will be interested to investigate… I'm not alone who can't get fiat $$ from the QuadrigaCX. Or at least you can recommend Canadian law firm which can help.

  6. I think Binance requires KYC if you want to withdraw more than 2BTC, plus BNB is basically a coupon. It's weird how Tone promotes BitMex but calls Binance shady. BitMex mos def enriches themselves with funds from "System overloads". #FreeRoss

  7. If crypto is regulated to the teeth, by government forcing control on certain exchanges, and just assumes jurisdiction for all others despite actual location, then doesn't that mean crypto loses all of its purpose and value to its nation's individuals? I mean, who cares about crypto anymore, if all it serves is to accomplish more financial slavery by centralized overlords in banks and government? And also price can be manipulated by large institutions behind the curtain, since they control fiat money creation, effectively making price discover centrally controlled also. That makes the investment potential also stunted.

    I know I won't have any interest in crypto anymore if that becomes the case. The whole point of "censorship resistance" or "unconfiscatable" value becomes a joke at that point, if it's nothing more than digits nobody can use anywhere freely. If it's fully and centrally controlled by government, that makes it a tool for slavery, not freedom. And it makes the technology rather pointless in the end, since it won't be any different than what we have now, except by being worse. All crypto would become in that case, is a way to pay more to government coffers as they see fit, using lawmaking to enslave us even more than we already are. Technical decentralization will mean nothing in that context, except when you're leaving the country for good.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, this may actually give advantage to any superpower nation, that wishes to allow freedom of its citizens instead of this type of draconian oversight via excessive regulation. I say this because money will naturally flow there instead, where it can't be confiscated from a foreign government trying to collect it. And so that nation will almost serve like it's "taxing" the rest of the world as capital flows to it naturally as a "safe haven". Therefore it could become financially prosperous at the expense of all the more socialist nations that had attempted to control crypto on its citizens by excessive lawmaking and restrictions via government control. For example, what if the USA enforced all Americans to use blockchain for work income, business accounts, and spending currency in all trade… and all with automatic taxation on all of the above (they take whatever they want, since it's fully centralized by regulation). But people in Russia could use it freely without taxation. Russians would then benefit at all productivity in America, without even having to lift a finger. As Americans are forced to use blockchain to store their work value (income), while Russians can spend it for actual goods (ex. to buy and hold gold). This effectively makes the slave nation (America's middle class) work for the master nation (all of Russia), as their work efforts are converted to Russian gold.

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